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About My Photography:

I began as a stage photographer in the 1970s. I sought to capture the theater's magic without losing its nitty-gritty reality. I moved to black and white in the early 1980s, but quit when I had kids. Too many dangerous chemicals. Fifteen years later, seeking respite from a demanding, head-oriented job, I picked up my camera again. I've been at it ever since: mostly nature, some wildlife, and the occasional human.

At various times, I have found myself drawn to small-scale patterns, to panoramas, to juxtapositions, and to finding the simple in the complex. I now find myself looking for stillness. My best new photos help me listen to the world breathe.

I invite you to visit my favorites, old and new.

All Images are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

If You Wish to Purchase a Print:

I sell prints of my photos -- without watermarks -- through  an excellent printing service. Most of them work well on premium glossy paper. Others (such as the Zabriski Point sunset, above) work best on metal.  The "paintings" work best on matte paper.

Click the envelope icon in the lower-right corner  of the photo above and tell me what photo you want, how large, and any other details you wish.  Include your email address.  I'll write you with a price, including delivery.  You arrange your own matting and frame.

If You Wish to License an Image:

I am happy to license my images for use in print or on the web. Click the envelope icon in the lower-right corner  of the photo above and tell me what photo you want to use, how you want to use it, the size of your intended audience, and whether you are a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, an educator, or an individual.  Include your email address.  I'll respond with a proposed price and license. 

-- Jim Spickard

Self-Portrait with Oranges

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